What if there is real property as part of my probate but I don’t have a realtor?

Most people know a realtor, whether it’ a brother, a cousin or friend from church. Some of them are really good but generally, we have trouble with them and it’s the one thing that can really make the process for probate drag on unnecessarily long and create friction points. Knowing a realtor that has actually done a lot of probates is very important.

That’s where one of our trusted realtors comes in. Clients are able to sit with someone who has done a sale, who can walk them through the emotions of it, who can look at the house and say, “Look, don’t waste money on this or that. This is the best way to do this,” so that the whole family looks and can say, “We hired the right person.” The right realtor is the key thing to the whole process.

Additionally, clients do not need to worry if a home is in shambles or has problems due to neglect because between Gaudy Law and Phil Shahbaz, everything is taken care of.

People look to us from more than just taking them through the paperwork because we understand that this is a hardship. Getting assistance with even little things like, “Who’s going to pick up the trash that’s in the yard?” and “What do I do with this?” Because we’ve been through this, we have unique expertise on that part of the process and then making sure that they get top dollar is always important. Not just for them but for the siblings that are watching to make sure that they do it right.

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