You will never have to attend a court hearing, and in many situations, you can list and sell your loved one’s real estate almost immediately. We also offer costs assistance in certain situations and often can help with early distribution of funds. After the loss of a loved one, you are going through enough without the probate process adding unnecessary stress. Call us now to help your family through this difficult time.

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Overview of the Probate Process

  • Initial Intake

  • Signing and Filing Petition

  • First Court Date

  • Four Month Creditors’ Period

  • Final Report Drafting

  • Final Court Date
  • Distributions

Our goal is to guide you through the process step by step, taking care of as much as possible for you.

We’ve successfully guided hundreds of families through the probate process. You’re in good hands.

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Cost Assistance

In certain situations, if you simply can’t afford an estate attorney, or the costs associated with starting a probate process, we can provide you with cost assistance with little to no financing charges. There is no need to wait or be afraid of the costs of this process. Give us a call and we’ll walk you through a variety of cost-saving and cost assistance options.

Probate Fee Calculator

Access our free probate fee calculator and get a good estimate of how much probate will cost based on the amount in the estate.

Probate Fee Calculator


Probate can be difficult enough without a family member or friend refusing to vacate the property in order for it to be cleaned out and sold. While we take every step possible to avoid the need for eviction, Gaudy Law has helped hundreds of clients evict squatters in order to allow the probate process to move forward. In many of those situations, if the person or people being evicted are heirs or beneficiaries of the estate, they will have the cost of the eviction, clean out and rent taken out of their share. Call us now to assist you.


Perhaps you’re faced with probate property that is already in foreclosure. Can it still be sold? Will there be time? The answer to both of those questions is “Yes.” We work closely with foreclosure companies and banks to stop the foreclosure process so that we can clean out and sell the property. Gaudy Law has a 99% success rate in this process. So long as there is enough time prior to any auction date, we have never failed to get the foreclosure process stopped. Once we succeed in that endeavor, we can begin the cleanout and sale process very quickly. Call us now to help you relieve the stress.

Property Clean Out

In many of our cases, we are faced with the need to empty large amounts of belongings or debris from the properties we are helping our clients sell. Because this is such a common occurrence, Gaudy Law has partnered with a group of reputable local handymen (and when necessary contractors) to assist our clients with a no up-front-cost process to handle the orderly clean-up of properties. Call us today to begin the process.

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