Why Choose Gaudy Law for Probate

Streamlined Process: Say goodbye to delays and anxieties. With Gaudy Law, probate becomes painless as we expertly guide you through each step, ensuring a smooth resolution for your loved one’s estate. No court hearings required, and real estate can often be listed and sold promptly.

Expertise You Can Trust: With years of experience and a proven track record, Gaudy Law has successfully assisted hundreds of families through probate. Trust our dedicated team to handle your case with care and competence.

Probate Process Overview

  • Initial Intake: We’ll assess your situation and create a personalized plan for probate proceedings.

  • Petition Signing and Filing: Our team handles all paperwork and submits it to the court promptly.

  • First Court Date Representation: We represent you in court, sparing you from attending hearings.

  • Four Month Creditors’ Period Management: We handle communications with creditors and manage claims against the estate.

  • Final Report Preparation: Our experts draft a comprehensive final report detailing estate assets and distributions.

  • Final Court Date Accompaniment: We accompany you to the final court date for estate distribution approval and probate closure.

  • Distributions

Jason Gaudy Meeting With Clients

Financial Support

We offer cost assistance options to ease the financial burden of probate proceedings.


If occupants hinder the probate process, we have experience in evicting squatters to facilitate property sale.

Foreclosure Intervention

Even if the property faces foreclosure, we can halt the process, clean up the property, and proceed with a successful sale.

Property Clean Out

Trust our network of reliable contractors to handle property cleanouts efficiently.

Have a question? Just ask.

We can meet in our office, or over the phone. Use this time to get questions answered and learn your best next step.

Probate Fee Calculator

Access our free probate fee calculator and get a good estimate of how much probate will cost based on the amount in the estate.

Don’t let probate overwhelm you. With Gaudy Law, you have a trusted partner dedicated to providing seamless estate resolution services in Southern California. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards relieving your probate-related stress.

Reach out. We’re here to help.

You shouldn’t have to work through difficult legal needs on your own (or break the bank on unhelpful lawyers). Our team is ready to assist you. Just like we’ve helped thousands of others.

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