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Reasons You May Need to Amend a Living Trust

  • Marriage or Divorce

  • Birth or Death of a Child

  • Change in Desired Beneficiaries

  • You Make a Large Purchase

  • Change in Desired Trustee

  • Change in Asset Distribution Instructions

Trust Amendment

Useful when you have an existing living trust that needs updating.

A Trust Amendment is a document that changes specific parts of your Revocable Living Trust but leaves all of the other provisions unchanged. A Restatement of Trust completely replaces and supersedes all of the provisions of the original trust; the name and date of your trust will stay the same, but everything else is replaced by the terms of the restatement.

If you need to make minor changes to your Revocable Trust—such as adding specific gifts, changing your successor Trustee, or updating a beneficiary’s legal name—then a simple Amendment will suffice. On the other hand, if you want to make substantial changes—like adding a new spouse as a beneficiary or altering distributions—then you might need a complete Restatement.

Depending on your individual needs and goals, we are here to help you with these changes. Call us today.

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