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What is MyCase and how do I use it to its full potential?

MyCase is a client portal and the way that we communicate with our clients. In the age of emails and security issues, we wanted to have a system where people would feel comfortable that their documents are living, that their communications are happening, and where they don’t have to worry about any cyber attacks. MyCase is supposed to be one of the most secure systems anywhere available.

It’s also pretty easy and fun for clients to be able to see their documents, to communicate with us, and make payments. Even after their case is over, the signed digital versions of their documents are live on MyCase and always available. If their financial advisor or bank needs to see a copy of their trust, it is only a few quick clicks to send it over. There is no longer a need to call us or wait and there is no cost.

For us, it is the best way to be able to monitor what is happening and gives us the ability to jump in if any issues arise. MyCase allows messaging directly to Gaudy Law.

With MyCase, there is no more searching through cabinets; it is all right there in one secure place. And you can upload other things there that you want to keep copies of. If you are worried about the security of your own hard drive at your home, you can use MyCase to store important documents instead.

When you get started, you will get an email from us letting you know that Gaudy Law has created a MyCase account for you. We find that clients of all ages love MyCase.

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