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How does the process work after hiring Gaudy Law for my probate?

We will be drafting your documents over the next two weeks. Our goal is to get the documents filed within 10 days of the day that we were hired. After we file with the court, we will get our court date. By law, the date is supposed to be 30 days later but it is often 45 days later.

Our goal is to get a hearing within 60 days from the day that we were hired. This is usually discussed during our first meeting. Once a person is appointed at the first hearing, which 99% of our first hearings are approved, the four-month creditors period will start. During that time we will sell the house, give notice to creditors, give notice to the Franchise Tax Board, and the Department of Health Services. If everything goes to plan, about 7 or 8 months after starting, we will be able to file a petition with the court saying, “Hey, court. Here’s everything we did. Let us distribute the funds that are remaining.” And then we’re done.

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