How do I verify that my bank accounts and other financial accounts reflect the fact that they are now in a trust?

By this point, we have spoken with our clients and let them know that we will handle the real property, as that is usually the big reason they come to us. Clients are responsible for calling banks and financial institutions to let them know they have a living trust with Gaudy Law and find out what they need to do next. Financial institutions will request it be sent over and that is where MyCase accounts come into play. You can just click and send over a digital version or we can handle that for you.

We like to connect with clients’ financial advisors and CPAs’ at no additional charge. When calling, let them know you did a trust and they can handle it from there.

We are here to help, but because the financial accounts are not public records, we can’t access them the same way we can with a real property slip.

If they provide you with a form and you don’t know how to fill it out then just bring it in and will sit down and fill it out with you at no additional charge.

Just know that typically, the financial institution is just going to know exactly what to do when you bring a trust in.

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