What is the difference between me handling things myself using LegalZoom vs. coming here and working with you?

As a person who is a do-it-yourselfer, I understand the urgent desire to say, “Look, I can do this myself.” But what it really comes down to is: is that true? Are you a person who can take legal documents that are printed off of a computer, whether it is LegalZoom, a do-it-yourself book, or one of these self-help legal services that are paralegal based, and carry it out?

In my office right now, I have 20 cases on the litigation side of things and on the probate side of things, where there was a trust. But we are still in probate and we are still going through problems because it was not done correctly or funded.

So, yes it’s possible to go through a LegalZoom and get it done correctly. But if you price it out, you’re not saving that much money, compared to an attorney and you are doing it yourself. Upfront you are saving money but what usually ends up happening is they push you to a LegalZoom attorney, who can help you understand and finish the process. I am one of those attorneys and am available to questions because eventually, you are going to need a person to explain this to you.

Another point is that at the end of those commercials, they say, “We are not a law firm.” So instead it ends up turning into more of a referral service for law.

In conclusion, LegalZoom can be used but these are the most important legal documents almost anyone is ever going to do. Let’s get them done right.

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