“We’ve all seen the breaking news headlines. It’s yet another leader who’s crashed and burned with a financial scandal, an affair, or a struggle with addiction. The leader’s family is wrecked. The organization blows up. Millions of dollars are lost in the brand’s tarnished reputation. Everything falls to pieces. And these scandals happen so often to our political and corporate leaders that we tend to assume they’re the inevitable result of pressure or some character flaw. But as today’s podcast guest explains, it can all be prevented.”

This is from the description of today’s recommended podcast and related business tip which is simply how to avoid a leadership failure in your life as a leader of your company and your family.

I listened to this a year ago and I still find it in the top 10 of any podcast I’ve listened to. It’s worth your time and may tell you some things about yourself you don’t want to hear/know but need to. The warning signs probably aren’t what you expected. Enjoy. 
Link to Episode:http://buildingastorybrand.com/episode-34/

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