Putting together a last will and testament can be quite an ordeal, which is why many people put the task aside. But as cumbersome as the task can be, if you die without a will things can get even more messy for your loved ones as your estate may be stuck in probate and they are forced to try and get everything sorted out as they are grieving for their loss. The main benefit of making a will early and while you are in good health is that you can think practically and make your wishes clear.

There’s more to making a will than dividing money and assets. If you have minor children, you may want to appoint a guardian in the event that the other parents passes away too or is considered unfit. You should explain your child’s relationship with a potential guardian and why you believe they are a good choice.

Choosing beneficiaries can also get complex. Many assets will automatically go to a spouse if you are married at the time of death, but if you have assets from a previous marriage, the children of that marriage may be the beneficiaries. You’ll also want to iron out what causes are important to you and whether you want a charitable organization to receive a contribution as well. Sometimes, defining what you own is a challenge as well, as you may share property with a spouse or business partner.

Once you have a general idea of what you want, one of the last pieces is to pick an executor for your will. In most cases, this should not be immediate family because it will add to the difficulty they will already experiencing. Your estate-planning lawyer can help you choose the appropriate person who can carry out your wishes fairly. Although there are templates you can use to make your will many find is easier to work with a lawyer to make sure nothing is left out and to look over the document to avoid potential controversy.

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