Disputes over a passed loved one’s estate or will is likely the most damaging experience for a family. Damage becomes heightened if disputing parties decide to go to court. However, many individuals do not realize that there is alternative option. Probate mediation involves a peaceful discussion between disputing parties so that an agreement can be made and court can be avoided. If someone recently passed and you are wondering if this is going to be a difficult and strenuous process, watch out for these red flag warning signs:

  • Family situations where there is a second marriage involved often result in family turmoil and estate disputes.
  • If the deceased has chosen to leave out one or all of their children, disputes will likely arise. Anyone who has been disinherited will likely contest the will once they find out.
  • Another similar warning sign arises when one child has been favored in the will over another. This often results if the deceased believes one individual needs more financial help than the other.
  • Children that become the physical caregiver and manage their finances during their final days often hold a sense of entitlement over the estate, which causes disputes.
  • A major problem can occur if the deceased appointed an individual who was not knowledgeable or ready to become the executer of the estate. This needs to be a timely process so that everyone can begin to grieve in peace. If the executer is reluctant to make a decision, court intervention may be necessary.

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