What if a loved one has passed away and we need to go into probate but I just don’t have the money to be able to pay for this upfront. What do I do?

We will help you by offering cost assistance. We like for people to at least pay the initial filing fee, which is usually around $465 to $485. There are also other costs including a publication, a bond, and an appraisal. That’s no joke.

But we don’t want people to go, “How do I pay for this?” We have a team of vendors that we’ve used for all these years that always wait for our clients to have money whether it’s the sale of real property or an account. So, clients are not getting pressure in interests and penalties, we can take care of all that. Honestly, in certain situations, we will even jump in and pay for things ourselves because we are trying to make sure that we just get the process and move forward.

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