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What do I do if I have questions about MyCase?

The best thing to do when you have questions is to call us immediately and say, “You know here’s my issue. I’ve gotten my case in, I can’t figure out.” Usually, it’s a quick fix for us and we can easily walk you through how to do it.

Some people say need assistance with signing in and we are happy to help with that. Just give us a call. But if you are able to login to MyCase then by far the best way for you to message us is through MyCase because we can get back to that very quickly. It is very rarely not the same day or even within a couple of hours. 

We have areas noting your signing appointment if you are an estate state planning client. If you are a probate client, then there is a section where your hearing information is with additional notes that we include on how your hearing went. We want to avoid you ever wondering about your case. So, going through MyCase, giving us a call, or emailing us is great. We have a wonderful system called Ruby Call that answers a lot of our extra calls and helps us stay in contact with clients. We’re not perfect but we are set up to get back to people quickly.

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