Entrepreneurs, and business owners in general, tend to be people who work hard and want to make an impact.

They create their own internal pressure system that pushes them to achieve. But… serious problems arise when that internal pressure compounds with the external pressures of your profession. 

But you’ve probably heard stress is an issue before and done nothing to prevent it from happening.

I think this has to do with business owners often taking care of others (clients, employees, family) before themselves. This is an honorable pursuit, don’t get me wrong!

But you cannot take care of others well when you are under stress. 

If you know you’ve got to get your stress in order, start with the simple things: food, sleep, and exercise.

Eat well, sleep and wake at regular times, and exercise daily. Start logging what you ate, how you slept, and if you exercised, and mark how you felt. Soon you’ll see patterns.

Just like a good business, you’ve got to be analyzing and improving your life. If you don’t, you risk succumbing to stress, and your business and relationships will suffer.

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