Business owners are unique. We’re risk-takers, doers, changers, and challengers.

I’ve learned that I have the most forward motion, (a huge key to success in business), when I’m around people who ALSO have forward motion in their lives and businesses.

Take for example person A

  • She does not network with other business owners.
  • She rarely hears of what others are trying and working on, and because of this, she is never challenged to change her thinking or improve her processes.
  • She only runs her ideas by her spouse, and maybe by her friend, but not by another business owner, and not by anyone who is pushing hard to hit their goals.

Then, in contrast, take person B

  • She bounces ideas off of a small group of business owners every week. 
  • Each person in her group is working hard at growing and attaining new success. 
  • She is encouraged, held accountable, and enlightened by the shared experience of her peers.

One person is listening only to family, the other is listening to people on the same journey, pushing for their goals.

I think it’s obvious which one is going to come out ahead…

Remember, what you put into your brain will change how you think.

Surround yourself with people who are encouraging you, holding you accountable, and pushing you to grow and be better. 

The right people in your life make all the difference.

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