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“Is there a better way to handle my email?” YES!  

For years I worked as hard as possible without stopping to think about how I might be able to use my time more wisely and maybe even take some time off (real-time off without 85 emails a day while you’re gone 😊).

If we fail to make sure that we’re not over-doing things, our work and our clients/customers will suffer. I learned this the hard way.

In order to make sure I have balance in my life, over the past two years I’ve implemented a few changes in how I do things and the results have been incredible. The first change has to do with how I handle my email.

My Email Management / Rules: I recommend you set times when you check your email and times when you don’t. For me, if know if I read my email first thing in the morning or right when I sit at my desk in the morning, whatever is in my inbox is what my day will be (that’s not good).

I don’t typically check my email until at least an hour after I’m at the office and then again at noon and again 30 minutes before I leave for the day. The day before, I also always leave myself a list of what I plan to accomplish the next day (usually 3-4 “big things”) and I address that list first thing before I look in my inbox. 

In doing this, I have found I am much more productive and much less apprehensive each morning. It will take some practice as all of us are addicted to reading and responding to emails “in real time” but it’s a game changer. Your email rules may look different than mine, but I urge you to think through how to take back control of your inbox and your day.

Podcast Recommendation: I loved listening to this podcast from one of my favorite Sharks Damon John on the importance of hard work:

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