Start with your “why”
How many times have we heard of leaders who can’t inspire others? Or managers who can’t get employees to perform at the level they could be? It’s a common struggle and one that many of us have wrestled with. Over time, I’ve learned that to really inspire those that follow you, you’ve got to know your “why”.
Your “why” is not simply to make a profit. Profit is only a result, but not the actual “why”. We need to look deeper. All of our favorite companies do this, and you can too.
The “why” is what you believe; it’s your purpose. Do you believe in developing people over products? Do you believe in making the world better with every interaction you have? Do you believe in challenging the status quo (Apple Computers)? When you start with the “why”, it inspires how you create, what you create, and ultimately it inspires those around you.
When something feels off, or your gut is telling you to stay away from something, or some product, this can be the result of not being on board with someone or some company’s “why”.
Start with your “why” and watch as others pick up on a gut feeling of trust for you and your company.
Watch Simon Sinek explain this on his TED talk, How Great Leaders Inspire Action

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