In order to receive peace of mind in your future, you must conduct some basic financial planning. In doing so, you may be left wondering if you really need a will. No matter the measurable size of your assets, everyone can benefit from creating a will. A will allows an individual to guarantee that their final wishes regarding the delegation of their estate will be carried out. Here are some facts to demonstrate the importance of a will:

If you do not create a will to safeguard your estate and loved ones, the local statutes determine what to do with your property and estate. Depending on the particular state in which you live, your estate will be distributed to your heirs based on intestacy statutes.

State intestacy laws used to distribute your estate often lead to family turmoil. These laws do not direct how the personal property within the estate should be divided up. Therefore, if heirs are unable to agree upon who will leave with certain family heirlooms, legal troubles may arise. Situations like these emphasize the importance of having a will even if you do not have a lot of assets.

If you are neglecting the importance of having a will because you do not own many assets, you may be setting up your heirs for a frustrating experience in the probate court. A will can provide them with the guidance and instructions they need to carry out your wishes, and it can also prevent much of the hassle of the probate process. Additionally, there are other, more efficient ways to avoid the probate process. The legal experts at Gaudy Law can help you guarantee the financial stability of your loved ones while avoiding the probate process.

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