Various decisions will be made in the coming months regarding the most controversial issues the Supreme Court has been faced with this term. Evidence supporting both sides of each controversial issue has been fed to the justices of the Supreme Court and history will soon be made.

  • Presidential Powers: This debate comes from President Obama’s appointment to a federal labor board when he went forth without Senate confirmation because they were in recess. This decision will determine who has the authority when it comes to filing importation executive branch posts, the president or Congress.
  • Abortion Clinics: Many have already predicted the outcome of this debate because the current court favors free speech rights. This controversial topic discusses whether or not abortion clinics have the right to set up buffer zones to stop protestors.
  • Labor Unions: This debate will determine if labor unions lose the right to represent workers who refuse to pay their union dues.
  • Religious Freedom: Recent health care reform requires most employers to provide health coverage for contraceptives, and religiously-affiliated organizations are contesting.
  • TV Broadcast Rights: This debate comes from Aereo’s efforts to send live TV signals through the internet for far less costs than cable companies charge. The company would not have to pay re-transmission fees to the nation’s broadcasters, therefore, their business model would diminish.
  • Cellphone Privacy: Technology’s presence has raised a variety of questions throughout the years since its establishment. This debate surrounding the question of whether or not authorities should be able to search suspects’ cellphones before obtaining a search warrant. Since cellphones often hold an array of private information, many argue this is unconstitutional.

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