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The famous Donald Sterling vs. Shelly Sterling case hasn’t left the headlines since videos of Donald Sterling making racist remarks surfaced. Testimonies of the probate trial concluded this week and closing arguments are scheduled for Monday, August 4th. Closing arguments may help resolve Shelly Sterling’s impending $2 billion sale of the Los Angeles Clippers. Shelly is intends to sell the popular NBA team to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.

Judge Michael Levanas informed both attorneys that their time would be best spent by focusing on the three main issues of the case. The most important discussion is surrounding whether or not Donald Sterling was appropriately removed from the Sterling Family Trust. Next on the agenda is whether or not Shelly Sterling is capable of executing the sale after Donald had already revoked the trust. Finally, the question of urgency in the loss of value in the trust will likely determine the final outcome. If Judge Levanas sees urgency in the situation at hand, he can approve Shelly’s sale of the Los Angeles Clippers.

Many predict that it will take much more time for there to be a final resolution regarding the sale of the Los Angeles Clippers. There are a variety of factors that come into question that may invalidate Shelly’s decision to sell to Ballmer. Many see Donald Sterling coming out short in the long run, because he is involved in an array of lawsuits at the moment, including one against the NBA.

It is a wonder who will come out on top with this family battle, but one thing many can agree on is a prospective future for the Los Angeles Clippers!

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