Have you ever had a quarrel with a friend or past roommate and immediately claimed you were going to sue them? While legal matters are always serious, many people think suing another person is the only solution to resolving an issue. Lawsuits require time, money, and patience. Lawsuits are not a quick, easy fix to an issue but the last resort to a problem that is unable to be resolved peacefully. We have gathered a list of the top 5 most outrageous lawsuits from the year 2013 for your enjoyment.

  1. Idaho inmates are suing 8 different beer companies for failing to warn them of the dangers and addictiveness of alcohol. One claims, “I have spent a great deal of time in prison because of situations that have arose because of people being drunk, or because of situations in which alcohol played a major role. At no time in my life, prior to me becoming an alcoholic, was I ever informed that alcohol was habit forming and addictive.”
  2. One teacher in Ohio is suing the school district she works for because of her position change from a high school to a middle school, claiming she suffers from pedophilia. Pedophilia is an extreme fear of being around young children. Her position change led to her resignation.
  3. One New Jersey father is suing the high school is son attends, Sterling Regional High School in Somerdale, for kicking his son off the track team for $40 million after his multiple unexcused absences.
  4. One New Jersey resident is suing Subway because he claims his foot long sandwiches are only 11 inches.
  5. A graduate student at Lehigh University is suing the university for $1.3 million after receiving a C+. Her teachers claim the grade was due to misconduct and swearing in class, not a conspiracy theory.

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