When it comes to guaranteeing that your final wishes are carried out as planned, you must be diligent in your estate planning. There are a variety of specifications and legal implications that you must get 100% accurate in order for the will or trust to carry through as planned. When it comes to finding an attorney, you must choose one you trust to carry out your final wishes. If you are not yet convinced of the importance of hiring an attorney for your estate planning needs, consider the following:

  • Each state has unique laws and regulations regarding what can and cannot be included in a will, trust, or financial power of attorney. Likewise, there are also unique laws identifying who can be appointed as a representative of a trust or will. Therefore, appointing an estate planning attorney will allow you to guarantee that your will or trust complies with all laws and regulations.
  • Any mistake can result in costly fees. To avoid making any mistakes, you must have an estate planning attorney by your side. While you may be inclined to take the independent route in hopes of avoiding attorney fees, you may end up making costly errors.
  • If you have experienced any complex family situations in your lifetime, your estate planning attorney will help assist in making sure everything is carried out according to your wishes. For example, if you have multiple marriages and children in both, you will have complex estate planning needs that an attorney can help with.

Contact Gaudy Law in Upland for all of your California legal needs. Whether you are in need of assistance through the probate process, creating a will or trust, or going over estate planning, we will provide you with the representation you deserve with one of our experienced probate attorneys in Upland.

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