Appointing responsible beneficiaries for all of your bank and brokerage accounts can help you avoid probate court. Doing this can help you save thousands of dollars.

  1. No matter how young you may be, you want your loved ones to have your money if the unthinkable were to happen to you. Whether you’re 18 years old or 60 years old, it is important that you inform the bank of who your beneficiaries are. A simple statement is all that is necessary to ensure that all the money in your bank goes to who you want it to go to.
  2. Probate can take up to 7% of your loved ones money away from their inheritance. Probate typically costs around $2,000 so going to the bank first can significantly help your loved ones’ inheritance. A simple statement of your beneficiaries is all that is necessary.
  3. Too busy? Not an excuse. This process takes about 2 minutes. All you need to do is call your bank and ask what necessary forms need to be completed in order to appoint beneficiaries. Next, fill out the forms with your beneficiary’s name, birthday, contact information, and if necessary, their social security number. Once you’ve sent the form to the bank you’re done.
  4. Any of your accounts that have a substantial amount of money is worth the 2 minute process. Include your life insurance policy, your retirement savings, your IRAs, your checking account, and savings account.
  5. It’s up to you who you decide to appoint as a beneficiary but remember that they will become responsible with your money.
  6. Once you’ve completed the necessary steps to appoint your loved ones as beneficiaries, you won’t have to worry about it for years. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail!

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