Appointing a trustee or executer to your will or trust is an important decision that requires careful planning and execution. Often, appointing a family member causes turmoil and a family war after your sudden passing. While you want to appoint someone you trust, it is equally important to assign someone with experience and knowledge to this vital part of your life. Before appointing your oldest son with no financial experience, take these helpful tips into consideration:

  • Does your estate require ongoing management? Your appointed trustee will have to make all financial decisions at this point including distribution of assets, tax and legal documents to file, records to keep, and ongoing financial decisions that will need to be made throughout the years.
  • Choose someone who is ready for the job. Think practically who would want to be the holder of all these financial decisions and who is ready for the job. Think experience over authority.
  • Is there any potential for a family war? When one family member is chosen over the other, arguments typically arise. Think how money will affect your children. Will appointing your older son over your accountant daughter offend anyone?
  • Would going the corporate route better suit your needs and avoid family turmoil? You can appoint a corporate trustee at either a bank or trustee company to manage your trust and finances. They are impartial in the decision and will typically help ease any family tensions.
  • Refrain from appointing multiple beneficiaries. Conflict in interests and family tensions could create problems when multiple people are involved.
  • Most importantly, be honest with your estate plan. Honestly will prevent a family war because everyone will be well informed.

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