Most people simply want to leave their hard-earned money and other assets to those they love. But without the proper legal instruments (i.e., a will and a living trust), much of the money can get tied up in probate court and in the payment of probate fees.

A living trust can help you bypass the expensive and often unpleasant probate process. The probate process involves property appraisal, taking a home inventory, paying off outstanding debts and offering what’s left to heirs specified in the will. But when a living trust is in place (even the most basic living trust), the family members you’ve left behind can quickly and easily transfer property–without the need for probate court involvement.

When you need professional legal advice on estate planning, or to get started in setting up wills, establishing trusts (including a living trust), contact the experienced professionals at Gaudy Law.

Jason Gaudy is committed to representing your goals and working diligently for a swift and positive resolution. This team can also assist you if you are in the Probate Administration process (with their probate resolution time frame averaging just seven months). Gaudy Law–offering knowledge, experience and affordability; what are you waiting for? Contact their Upland, CA office today!

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