Why do small business owners need to have an attorney?

80% of the businesses in the United States are small businesses. And that can be anywhere from 2 employees to 50 employees.

Maybe you started a business and you did it in the back bedroom of your house and then after a while, you rented an office. Then you hire a secretary and you’re in awe, “I have employees now.” Then maybe you keep growing and you’ve attained more employees and more work, and then you start to expand your offices or your infrastructure, etc.

At that point, you start to worry if you are doing everything right. Are you making sure your employees have their rights or that you have the right contracts in place with vendors and customers?

As I’ve grown over the last 15 years, for a large part of the beginning of it, I said, “Ah, it will work out. It will work out. It will work out. It will work out”. And then you run into these issues going, “Whoa, man, if I had that contract in place, I could have saved myself so much trouble. Had I done this filing with this government agency that I didn’t know I needed to do.”

Because of this, we’ve really turned ourselves into a firm that can help small businesses avoid a lot of the pitfalls. Many of which I went through myself, so you get the benefit from some of my and my client’s mistakes.

Just some of the preventative medicine of getting a contract in place or asking the right questions can save you so much time and money. We’ve seen some of our clients have to go through sometimes tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in litigations, fines, etc. So we’re very passionate about going, “Hey, let us make sure that as a business owner, you know why you need a business attorney because you think you don’t need basic legal things. I’m sorry but you’re wrong.” We have so many stories warning what can happen and how easy it is to stop those things from happening.

There is tremendous value in having an attorney, especially the way Gaudy Law does it. We offer subscription services and one-time fees for just getting you up to date. A lot of our businesses just come back once a year and are we good. We make sure that you’re not building a business and leaving a gaping hole in the wall where somebody can come through and really attack what you’re doing. It is our job is to take care of the legal works so you can keep charging ahead, building that business and not worry about it.

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