How do I make sure that my corporate books are up to date after starting a business?

If you start a corporation or LLC online, you are provided with the right paperwork to create everything there, but the follow-through sometimes does not happen and therefore does nothing to protect you. If you’re not complying with corporate formalities and you get sued, they can come right through that to your personal assets like it’s not even there. To remedy this you need to make sure that your minutes are done every year.

There is a scam that goes around about a “corporate compliance division” which is not part of the state but you’ll get one if you created an LLC or a corporation. You don’t need to file your minutes with anybody. But there is a statement of information and sometimes filing with the department of corporations. We do this all the time, making it super simple and very inexpensive.

If you come in and you made your corporation 5 years ago, we can get you up to date for today and then we’ll put you on our “call you once a year” plan. Or, if you really like to have inexpensive legal advice throughout the year, we have subscription plans available as well.

We can help you follow through and stay up to date.

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