What do I do when receiving legal documents that don’t feel like they apply to me?

I know it can seem like you are signing every piece of paper that’s ever existed in the world but it’s there because I think it needs to be there. I’ve drafted so many of these and seen so many of them go and avoid the probate process or whether a tax, etc. but if it’s there it’s because I think it needs to be. It may be, something where you say, “Foreign property. I don’t have foreign property.” Yet I have seen people saying that and then inheriting foreign property from a distant relative. It’s remote, but why not have it there just in case? This doesn’t mean we’re just kitchen sinking it and throwing everything in, it’s there because I’ve seen it be a problem in the past. I’ve worked on a couple of thousand cases just like this, and it just makes me feel so much better to know that it’s there if I need it. 

So rather than just taking the simple route and short-handing some of these things, we go through the due diligence, just in case. We want to make sure that the documents do what people are paying good money for them to do. 

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