I signed my estate planning documents. Now what?

Estate planning documents are signed either in our office or we will send a notary to you for a small additional cost. The documents are then processed on our side by scanning and loading them into the MyCase account, so they are available and accessible forever. The original documents, which we print on nice linen paper, go into a custom estate planning binder that is picked up by the client.

These are great for storing your life insurance, your deeds, or anything you may want your family to know about. This way your documents are organized and available to you in physical and digital forms. Gaudy Law is totally paperless and does not keep the original documents.

After that, the deed is sent for recording for your home and takes about two to three weeks to come back. You will get the original and we will get a copy. We will then send you a closing letter with an opportunity to send us a review of how we did. After that, you are done and can take a breath.

The day you signed it, you are done, with just a little more processing to do and that is that.

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