Do I need a conservatorship?

A conservatorship is needed if you have a loved one who is older and getting into the first stages of dementia; Alzheimer’s; or who is younger but maybe developmentally disabled.

If they are older and have started to make really odd choices financially or are not taking care of themselves medically, then a child or a spouse is going to look at them and say “I need to be able to make decisions for you but I don’t automatically have the legal authority”.

Conservatorship is going to court to get that legal authority. To be able to make decisions about where they go, what they eat, who comes into contact with them, and what happens with their finances. It is tough to know when you need to step in and is really something to talk to an attorney about. It’s not something that you should just rush into. It can be very expensive and difficult because you are taking custody of an adult.

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